Come and explore Zanzibar with us when you are not working!

We offer tours & excursions all around Zanzibar ranging from land excursions to mesmerising you with the history, culture, fauna & flora of the Island to exciting sea-safaris, we have something to tickle everyone’s fancy.



Any business or organisation will know that a strong team paves the road to success, and thus team building is essential to long-term success.

That is why our corporate team building sessions are designed to improve group communication and challenge individuals, by encouraging logical problem-solving and presenting them with physical tasks to complete, all within a safe and stimulating environment. We believe Zanzibar is great venue for this.



  • We lead the industry in terms of providing an impeccable personalized service, a good variety and minute attention to detail. With expertise about the local market and a vast experience, the ‘Zanzibar Incoming Team’ helps identify, create and deliver excellent solutions for your conference, meeting, seminar or product launches.

What else we provide?

Sand Bank Picnic

This full day excursion includes something for everyone!

Start your day by touring the historical Prison Island where the prison was once used for quarantine, befriend an Aldabra Tortoise and enjoy the panoramic view of Stone town from… Read More

Safari Blue

Setting sail on a traditional dhow when visiting Zanzibar could be one of the highlights of your trip! The Safari Blue trip starts from Fumba the perfect starting point to explore Menai Bay… Read More

Sunset Cruise

Come along with your partner to turn up the romance or with your friends and family to see Zanzibar from the ocean’s perspective! And don’t forget the sundowners! Every trip includes… Read More

Stone Town Discovery Tour

Follow the trail of the sultans, slaves and explorers in the winding streets of Stone Town. Your guide will regale you with the events that shaped Zanzibar whilst leading you through… Read More

Spice Tour with authentic cooking lessons and lunch

Zanzibar became renowned as a spice island, when it started exporting cloves, vanilla, nutmeg and cardamom across the world. The spices, which had been brought over from… Read More

Farewell Dinners

Princess Salme, the Princess who eloped with a German merchant was born right next-door at the Mtoni Palace. Enjoy the unique melodies of traditional Zanzibar music while watching… Read More

Rooftop Cocktails & Private Dining

Jafferji House and Spa

The Rooftop Terrace Restaurant at Jafferji House and Spa offers an impressive venue starting with amazing panoramic views of Zanzibar’s landmarks in the heart of the historical… Read More