Follow the trail of the sultans, slaves and explorers in the winding streets of Stone Town.

Your guide will regale you with the events that shaped Zanzibar whilst leading you through the buildings where it all happened, such as the former Slave Market and Anglican Cathedral, the House of Wonders and the Sultans’ Palace Museum, the Old Arab Fort and Dispensary.

While tracing the steps of stories past, the walking tour provides you with a window into modern life in Stone Town. Explore the markets, seafood and fish piled in the fish market, fresh loaves of bread in wicker baskets and neat stacks of fruit and vegetables as traders sell their wares from their stalls.

Children play in the streets near their homes; ‘mamas’ sit outside and gossip while the men play board games.

The City Tour is very flexible and can be adapted to suit your interests and time frame. It doesn’t matter if you’re a shopaholic, culture vulture or history buff we have something to suit everyone. If you want to hunt for antiques and souvenir shop follow David Livingstone’s time in Zanzibar and walk the path of the slave trade. Your guide will be able to recommend and customize routes and itineraries optimising your time to get the most out of your trip.